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Export Processing Zones Authority

Export Processing Zones Authority



Investors may apply for work permits through EPZA window provided by the portal on the website www.kazi.go.tz


  • Class A; for investors and self employed
  • Class B; Non-citizen in possession of prescribed professions (Medical and Health Care professionals, experts in oil & Gas, Teachers and University Lecturers in Science and Mathematics
  • Class C: Non-Citizen in possession of other professions
  • Class D: Non-Citizen employed or engaged in a registered religious and/or charitable activity
The following documents are required to be submitted for work permit application - Class A
  • Justification Letter (Application letter)
  • Two recent passport size photographs of the applicant with blue background
  • Photocopy of a valid passport
  • Sectoral approval (Where applicable)
  • Previous work permit (for renewal application)
  • Industrial/Business/Operating license
  • Certificate of Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Certificate of Value Added Tax (Where applicable)
  • Certificate of Incorporation/Business name
  • Memorandum & Article of Association/Extract from the Registrar of Companies/Constitution/any legal document
  • Copy of EPZ License
  • Lease Agreement/Certificate of Occupancy

Note: -

All documents accompanied by Application forms must be certified as true copies of original documents.

The following documents are required to be submitted for work permit application for Class B, C, and D:
  • Justification Letter (Covering Letter)
  • Application Form TFN 901 (2Forms)
  • Contract of employment or engagement, as the case may be duly signed by relevant parties
  • Job or engagement description
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Two recent passport size photographs of the application
  • Accreditation certificate, if any, from respective professional entities
  • Academic/professional certificates
  • Certified translation of certificates/documents by competent Authority or Embassy or Consular office (If they are in languages other than English and Swahili)
  • Photocopy of a valid passport)
  • Previous work permit (for renewal application)
  • Industrial/Operating /Business license
  • Certificate of Incorporation, Business name and Extraction from the Registrar of Companies
  • Memorandum & Article of Association
  • Succession plan (for renewals) and
  • Letter of no objection (if any) from previous employer
  • Sectoral approval (where applicable)
  • Copy of EPZ License
  • PSSSF/WCF payment receipt and list of members


  • Class A US$1000
  • Class B US$ 500
  • Class C US$1000
  • Class D US$500
  • Facilitation fee is paid to EPZA

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