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Export Processing Zones Authority

Export Processing Zones Authority

Eligibility Criteria and Licensing Procedures


  1. New Investment
  2. Minimum annual export turnover of US$ 100,000 for local investors and 500,000 for foreign investors
  3. At least 80% of goods produced must be exported


  1. New investment
  2. Minimum capital of US$ 100,000 for Local investors and 500,000 for Foreign Investors
  3. The investment must be located within the Special Economic Zones parks


  1. The investor makes an inquiry with EPZA to confirm investment procedures, eligibility criteria as well as the availability of factory space or serviced land.
  2. Investor incorporates SEZ Company, locates premises or land, and obtains an environmental approval appropriate to the nature of the project.
  3. The investor submits a project proposal and completed the application form.
  4. EPZA evaluates the project proposal and provides the investor with a letter of approval.
  5. In case the Investor is asking for Zone development, EPZA will facilitate a declaration of land, which is approved by the Minister for Industry and Trade.
  6. Upon completion of the above-mentioned steps, the Investor will be able to start his operations. In practice, the above processes take a maximum of 14 working days

D. Checklist when applying for Developer License

  1. Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association/Charter/Constitution
  2. Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the Company.
  3. Detailed Export Business Plan by products, Markets and Others.
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report (Obtained from NEMC
  5. Copy of Receipt of Initial Fees i.e. a one-time (non-refundable) application fee
  6. Copy of Receipt of Site Inspection fee
  7. Copy of Lease Certificate/Title Deed (for Operator & Service Provider).
  8. Filling the EPZ/SEZ investment application form
  9. Architectural drawings/design of proposed industrial shed(s)/facility(s). and Work Plan.
  10. Introductory bank letter or current Company’s bank statement
  11. Submission of a brief application letter