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Export Processing Zones Authority

Export Processing Zones Authority


Tanzania’s tourism industry accounts for about 24.0 % of its exports and 17.2% of GDP.This is a fast growing sector that offers plenty of investment opportunities.


Tourism is a fast growing sector that offers plenty of investment opportunities for investing in areas such as

Construction of Tourist Hotels in towns, game parks as well as along the 850 miles coast line of mainland Tanzania and the beautiful shores of the spice Island of Zanzibar

  • Establishment of leisure parks.
  • Construction of golf courses.
  • Investing in conference tourism facilities.
  • Provision of air/ground transport.
  • Tour operations and trophy hunting.
  • Sea and lake cruising.
  • Development of eco-tourism facilities.
  • Beach tourism, cultural and historical sites


Tanzania is the only country in the world that has allocated more than 25 percent of its total area for wildlife and other resources’ conservation.

There are 16 National Parks, 28 Game Reserves, 44 Game Controlled areas, 1 Conservation area and 2 Marine Parks.

Tanzania wildlife resources are considered among the finest in the world and have been widely known for many years.

The industry continued to grow in 2014 as exhibited by increase in the number of international tourist arrivals to 1,140,156 from 782,699 recorded in 2010. As a result, tourism earning increased to USD 2,006.32 million from USD 1,254.50 in 2010