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Export Processing Zones Authority

Export Processing Zones Authority

SEZ Industrial Park under EPZA

Local Government SEZ

In order to keep pace with economic growth, and to assist the central government in building industrial parks infrastructure in various parts of the country, the SEZ Act has allowed Local Governments to develop and own the SEZ area, by setting up appropriate and basic infrastructure and then attracting investment in those areas. To achieve these goals, the following regions have already set up an SEZ and some regions have already launched an operation in those areas.

  1. Kigoma SEZ

The project covers an area of 3,000 Ha. Phase one of the project consists of an area of 691 Ha is already developed by the Kigoma Regional Secretariat and the remaining land will be developed jointly with the Private Sector through PPP. The feasibility study and Master Plan for phase one of the project have been completed. The Park was developed into an industrial cum commercial complex and a trade hub to the neighboring countries. Investors are invited to develop Kigoma Industrial Park, commercial, and ICT parks; warehouses; hotels; banks; schools; hospitals; housing estates; etc. Detailed information on the project; land use plan and feasibility study report can be obtained from EPZA.

2. Geita SEZ

3. Songwe SEZ

4. Nyaishimbi SEZ Kahama Shinyanga

5. Nyamhongoro SEZ Ilemela Mwanza