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Export Processing Zones Authority

Export Processing Zones Authority

Frequently Asked Questions

Login through the www.epza.go.tz then downland

Minimum capital 100000 for Tanzanian, and 500000 for foreigner

80% of products should be exported


Yes! EPZA is mandated by law to license EPZ and SEZ projects. These licenses are synonymous with the business licenses issued by local Government Authorities and other Regulatory Authorities. Once an investor obtains the EPZ/SEZ license he or she does not require any other license except for highly regulated industries like food and drugs.

Submit all required documentation to EPZA

Yes, the EPZ act states for the provision of business visa at the point of entry to key technical, management and training staff for a maximum of two months. The act also states for entitlement to an initial automatic immigrant quota of up to five persons during the start up period and thereafter any application for an extra person shall be submitted to the authority.

--Submit the application form for the SEZ/EPZ