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Export Processing Zones Authority

Export Processing Zones Authority



Investment Facilitation Services

EPZA provides pre and after-care services that include the provision of guidance and comprehensive information about the establishment of SEZ and EPZ investments in Tanzania. The Authority facilitates investors in obtaining factory space or serviced land in or outside the existing industrial/commercial parks; company registration process; administrative procedures in getting tax incentives and in obtaining visas and work permits. The Authority also assists investors in logistics for clearing and forwarding of merchandise at the ports; provision of useful contacts of key public and private organizations as well as in post-investment support. These services are offered under the One Stop Service Centre at the EPZA office in Dar es Salaam.

Licensing issuing

EPZA is mandated by law to issue EPZ and SEZ licenses. These licenses are synonymous with the business licenses issued by Local Government Authorities and other Regulatory Authorities. Once an Investor obtains a license, he or she does not require any other business license except for highly regulated industries like food and drugs.

Provision of SEZ / EPZ Infrastructure

EPZA is required by law to establish and regulate appropriate industrial and commercial parks to enable faster set up of EPZ and SEZ investments. The development of infrastructure is undertaken by EPZA in collaboration with the private sector. Infrastructure opportunities range from the development of privately owned industrial and/or commercial parks to various forms of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) with EPZA. Once such infrastructure is developed it is gazetted as an Export Processing Zone as Special Economic Zone and thereafter the Developer may sublease or sell factory space or serviced land on a commercial basis to EPZ or SEZ Users.

Investment Information

As an investment Promotion Authority, EPZA provides reliable and relevant information to investors to assist them in establishing their investments in Tanzania’s SEZs. Such information includes available investment opportunities; market information and other information related to SEZ investments