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Export Processing Zones Authority

Export Processing Zones Authority


If you aspire to invest in Tanzania's economic zones, there are two investment schemes readily available for you—the Export Processing Zones (EPZ) and Special Economic Zones (SEZ). Both schemes provide conducive environment for profitable operations.

The incentives offered to operators in both schemes compare favorably with the most attractive elsewhere in the world and are the best in the region.

Export Processing Zones

The EPZ program in Tanzania was established in 2002 following the enactment of the Export Processing Zones Act in the same year. The scheme provides for the establishment of export oriented investments within the designated zones with the views of creating international competitiveness for export led economic growth.

The objectives of the program are to:

i) Attract and encourage transfer of new technology,

ii) Attract and promote investment for export-led industrialisation,

iii) Create and expand foreign exchange earnings,

iv) Create and increase employment and development of skilled labour,

v) Foster linkages of the local economy with the international market end,

vi) Promote processing of local raw materials for export (value addition).