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The Director General has completed his official visit to Morocco where he participated in the Annual General Meeting of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in Africa. The general meeting organized by the African Economic Zones Organization (AEZO) in collaboration with the African Union Commission (AUC) has been held from November 23 to 24, 2023 in Tangier, Morocco. The conference led by the theme, "Fostering Sustainable Industrialization and Economic Diversification: A roadmap for African Special Economic Zones" is to bring together public and private institutions in Africa that develop, manage and encourage investment in Special Economic Zones in Africa in order to exchange experience, expertise, strategies and linking them with the global business network to promote sustainable industrial systems and economic integration. The Director General who was one of the presenters of the topic, "Sustainable Facility Management and Environmental Excellence" discussed various issues that can lead to the sustainable management of economic zones based on the quality of the environment. In his presentation, the Director General concluded that the issues of environmental quality and sustainable management of economic zones should be considered in the initial stages of creation and development of an ambitious plan for the relevant economic zone to put industries of the same type in one place and put an emphasis on to attract factories established in Special Economic Zones against the arbitrary establishment of one factory in different areas. Likewise, the Director General explained that the issues of participation and involvement of the existing community and surrounding the area intended for the project are very important in ensuring that the community becomes part of the economic ecology and business in the relevant zone, thus facilitating the sustainable management of the economic area and the quality of the environment.

Similarly, he emphasized the importance of the full implementation of the enabling systems and infrastructure projects including roads, clean water systems, sewage and solid waste delivery and processing systems as well as the competence of monitoring environmental pollution issues in order to achieve the goal of quality of the environment in the economic zones. The Director General concluded his presentation by emphasizing the development of green energy systems, especially solar energy in industrial operations to reduce the effects of environmental damage. Various presentations and discussions in the meeting have been very beneficial in building awareness of various issues, such as integrating strategies for the development of SEZs and the empowerment of small and medium producers (SMEs) in order to create business connections and benefit local investors. Together with other participants of the meeting, the Director General had the opportunity to visit the economic zones in the area of the port of Tanger and the area of the production of cars and car accessories where in their presentations, the port area with a total of 1000 hectares has created a total of 10,000 jobs and the automotive and automotive equipment industrial area located 26 kilometers from the port with a size of 517 hectares has created approximately 20,000 direct jobs through various factories that produce automobiles and automotive equipment in large quantities for the market of European countries . At the end, the Director General received the award on behalf of the Minister of State, Office of the President - Planning and Investment who was invited to be one of the official guests at the meeting.