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Export Processing Zones Authority

Export Processing Zones Authority



Earlier today, the Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Administration, Constitution, and Law visited the Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) as part of its tour of institutions and offices under the Ministry of the Presidency, Planning, and Investment. During their visit, the committee, accompanied by the Minister of State in the Office of the President, Planning, and Investment, Prof. Kitila Mkumbo, acknowledged satisfaction with the type of investments that EPZA has successfully attracted in various sectors and areas. The committee also had the opportunity to be briefed in detail about the strategic Bagamoyo project managed by EPZA.

Addressing the Committee, the Director-General of EPZA, Mr. Charles Itembe, explained how EPZA has become a crucial link in stimulating investment in the country. He highlighted how investors under EPZA have been instrumental in economic growth by creating jobs, contributing foreign exchange, and promoting technological advancement. Mr. Itembe also outlined the institution's long and short-term strategies, including the strategic Bagamoyo SEZ project. On the committee's part, led by its Vice Chairman, Hon. Selemani Jumanne Zedi (MP), it expressed satisfaction with the strategic projects being implemented by EPZA. The committee also commended the type of investments being managed by EPZA in accordance with policy and legal requirements.

During the visit, the Parliamentary Committee had the opportunity to tour the Tooku Garments factory located in the Benjamin Mkapa Special Investment Zone in Dar es Salaam. The committee observed the type of investment, workforce, and engaged in discussions with the factory management. The factory, which has invested approximately $12 million, provides more than 4000 direct jobs to Tanzanians. EPZA is an authority under the Office of the President, Planning, and Investment, established with the aim of promoting investment targeting foreign markets. In 2011, the Authority was further tasked with overseeing and establishing Special Economic Zones as a government strategy to promote investment and industry sectors' growth.