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Export Processing Zones Authority


EPZA Shares Best Practices with ZIPA to Foster Investment Growth in Zanzibar


In a significant move towards bolstering investment opportunities and economic growth in Zanzibar, the Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) today hosted a delegation from the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA) at their headquarters in Dar es Salaam. The visit aimed at enhancing collaboration and knowledge exchange to enhance ZIPA's capacity in fulfilling its policy and statutory objectives, aligning with President H.E. Dr. Hussein Mwinyi's vision of positioning Zanzibar as a premier investment destination in the region.

Led by EPZA's Manager for Investment Promotion, Ms. Nakadongo Fares, and EPZA's Corporate Secretary, Mr. Isakwisa L. Mwamukonda, the welcoming committee extended warm greetings to the ZIPA delegates. The atmosphere was one of shared enthusiasm and commitment to leveraging best practices for mutual growth.

During the interactive sessions, EPZA representatives showcased various models and strategies employed by the authority to attract investment and facilitate business development. Discussions centered around innovative policies, streamlined procedures, and effective frameworks that have propelled EPZA's success in fostering a conducive environment for business growth and expansion.

"ZIPA can draw valuable insights from EPZA's experiences in promoting investment and economic development," stated Ms. Nakadongo Fares. "We are committed to supporting ZIPA in their endeavors to emulate our achievements and contribute to Zanzibar's emergence as a thriving investment hub."

Mr. Isakwisa L. Mwamukonda emphasized the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing in achieving common goals. "EPZA is ready to provide continuous support and guidance to ZIPA as they embark on their journey towards transformation and excellence," he affirmed.

The delegation from ZIPA expressed gratitude for the warm reception and valuable insights shared by EPZA. They underscored their commitment to implementing best practices gleaned from the visit to enhance ZIPA's effectiveness in promoting investment and economic growth in Zanzibar.

The exchange between EPZA and ZIPA underscores a broader commitment to fostering synergy among governmental agencies and stakeholders to drive sustainable development and prosperity in Zanzibar. As both entities continue to collaborate and learn from each other, the prospects for investment and economic advancement in the archipelago are poised for remarkable growth.

The visit concluded with a renewed sense of partnership and determination to work hand-in-hand towards realizing President H.E. Dr. Hussein Mwinyi's vision of positioning Zanzibar as a beacon of investment opportunity and economic prosperity in the region.