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The Director General, Mr. Charles Itembe has participated in the visit of Leaders and some Experts of Ministries and Institutions under the Office of the President, Planning and Investment led by the Honorable Minister Professor Kitila Mkumbo to Zanzibar Islands today Saturday August 5, 2023.

During the visit, the Leaders had a meeting with the Honorable Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi, President of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council in the Palace of Zanzibar where Hon. President Dr. Mwinyi urged the Leaders and Executives in both (2) Governments of the United Republic of Tanzania to have professional collaborations to ensure the Nation achieves great economic development.

Speaking on the issue of Port development in the country, President Dr. Mwinyi has explained to the Leaders that the development of the Zanzibar port is aimed at the business of importing goods by large fourth generation ships as well as maintaining and transferring the goods to other ports by regular ships (transshipment) while the mainland ports are largely aimed at the business of importing and exporting goods in the country (import-export business) as well as serving neighboring countries (transit business) so the relevant Institutions in both Governments (2) should complement each other and not compete.

In the initial stage, the message of Hon. Minister Prof. Mkumbo in the islands of Zanzibar visited the Office of the President - Work, Economy and Investment (Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar) and later the delegation visited the Port Authority of Zanzibar where they held talks with the Leaders in the Ministry and Authority mentioned with the aim of improving cooperation and sharing experiences.

Likewise, the message of Hon. Minister Prof. Mkumbo visited the Mangapwani Special Economic Zone which includes modern port construction projects, an oil storage area, a container storage area, an industrial area and a modern residential area with a total of 930 square hectares and saw for himself various development activities as the area continues.