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During the month of March, 2018 some elements of the formal as well as social media have published and circulated reports, with information that has grossly distorted and totally misrepresented the facts regarding the legal investment mandate which has been granted with the Developer License that has been issued by the Export Processing Zones Authority (“EPZA”) to Messrs. MAGNIS RESOURCES (TANZANIA) LIMITED (“MAGNIS”).  This public statement is intended to put the record straight.

In the exercise of powers conferred upon it by the Special Economic Zones Act, Cap 420 and Regulations made thereunder, EPZA has issued and granted MAGNIS a Developer License (“the license”) to design, construct, insure and own the Special Economic Zone designated and declared as NACHU SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE (“NACHU SEZ”) at Nachu Area, within Ruangwa District of Lindi Region.

The licensed activities under the said Special Economic Zone (“the Zone”) includes building factory sheds, warehouses, office and residential accommodation, installation of power supply, putting in place sewerage systems, installation of water and gas supply infrastructure, installation of CCTV security cameras and the building of a security fence to cover the perimeter of the Zone.

MAGNIS has been issued and granted the license to develop NACHU SEZ as a platform for processing graphite ore into a form that will be used for the production of anodes for Lithium Batteries, as well as other value added products.   Furthermore, that license clearly stipulates that MAGNIS will ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulation of the United Republic of Tanzania.  In that regard, the Developer License requires MAGNIS, inter alia; to construct a building which will be used as One-Stop-Service-Centre that will provide accommodation for officers who will be drawn from the Office of the Mining Commissioner, Tanzania Revenue Authority, EPZA and any other relevant Government Institutions.  For the purpose of ensuring security of the zone, a police station shall be constructed by MAGNIS as part of the development obligations provided in the license.

 Upon satisfactory completion of the development phase of NACHU SEZ as stipulated in the aforementioned Developer License issued and granted to MAGNIS, a separate Operator License will be issued and granted by EPZA to each individual eligible company which will qualify and is desirous to engage in the processing of graphite as raw material for the production of downstream value-added products.  With regard to companies engaged, in the processing of graphite or other mineral ores into concentrates as their final product to supply their respective markets such companies fall short of basic criteria for qualifications to become eligible to be licensed by EPZA to operate in Special Economic Zones.  All corporate entities registered as Mining Companies are not eligible to be licensed by EPZA.

It should be clearly understood that, MAGNIS or any other entity that, wishes to engage in the processing of graphite and other mineral ores within NACHU SEZ; or with in any other Special Economic Zone licensed by EPZA, shall at all times be subject to compliance with applicable provisions of the laws and regulations which govern mineral resources extraction and processing in the United Republic of Tanzania.

In terms of the Special Economic Zones Act, Cap 420 the purpose and objectives for which Special Economic Zones may be established are to add value to the natural resources of Tanzania and in particular minerals; as well as to enhance productivity, competitiveness, economic growth, export promotion and employment generation. 

EPZA welcomes domestic and foreign investors in Special Economic Zones to participate in the national aspirations of Tanzania for industrialization.  However, it should be known and clearly understood that licenses issued and granted by EPZA to companies engaged in mineral ore processing do not abrogate or invalidate the applicable laws and regulations pertaining to minerals and the mining sector.


Issued by the Office of Director General,                                                                                  Export Processing Zones Authority,                                                                                Benjamin William Mkapa - Special Economic Zones,                                                              Mabibo External – Nelson Mandela Road,                                                                                  P. O. Box 12112,                                                                                                                      DAR ES SALAAM – TANZANIA.


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  On behalf of the entire team, I am pleased to welcome all esteemed Investors to the EPZA..

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