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SEZ/EPZ Licensing and Permits


SEZ/EPZ Licensing and Permits      


EPZA is mandated by law to issue SEZ/EPZ licenses. These licenses are synonymous with the business licenses issued by Local Government Authorities and other Regulatory Authorities. Once an investor obtains the SEZ/EPZ license he or she does not require any other license except for highly regulated industries like food and drugs.

EPZA issues the following types of licenses



Developer’s License

This license is given to the investor who is investing in development industrial parks infrastructure (internal roads, security fence, landscape, warehouses and factories, provision of utilities like power, water, sewerage systems and telecommunications). The license is also given to the investor who wants to build a factory inside the industrial park or as stand alone unit for only EPZ investors



Operator’s License

This license is given to investors who are undertaking manufacturing operations. These operations may include processing activities like addition of value to the products to semi -final product or final product



Service Provider’s License

This license is offered to investor who provides services and utilities to EPZ and SEZ investors within the industrial parks. They offer services like banking, insurance, electricity supply, IT and ICT services strictly within the industrial park.


A word from DG

  On behalf of the entire team, I am pleased to welcome all esteemed Investors to the EPZA..

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