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Priority Investment Areas


Infrastructure Development:

Using the SEZ developer/operator, investors can establish SEZ industrial and commercial parks. Such projects entail construction of roads, utility systems, fencing and supporting administrative and service blocks.



Investors can establish manufacturing operations in the Special Economic Zones using either the SEZ User License or SEZ Export User License and enjoy the lucrative  incentives provided by the scheme.

Among existing investment sectors in Tanzania are agro processing, textile and garments, lapidary, leather processing, fish processing, forest and forestry products, ICT industries and assembly.


Trade and Services:

Investors are welcome to establish trading and service operations in the Free Trade and Freeport Zones using the SEZ User License.



Investors can establish tourism developments in the Special Economic Zones using the SEZ User License. Such projects can be hotels, museums, amusement parks and golf clubs.

A word from DG

  On behalf of the entire team, I am pleased to welcome all esteemed Investors to the EPZA..

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